Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Poetry soothes the soul...or something

So, I haven't updated this for a while. My bad...

Got my results for the first semester. I passed. Hurrah!

Been writing some more poetry recently, here is 3 very rough first draft ones :)

First one :)

You said we would light the world on fire.
You said you we could take on anything.
as long as we had each other.
I believed you
more fool me

Second one :)

Drunk mind speaks sober heart,
isn’t that what they say?
One night stands
do nothing for my self-esteem.
I light a cigarette
enjoying the feeling of the
poisonous smoke numbing my taste-buds,
eradicating the taste of you
Trust is for the weak
you taught me that
It is time to put on my happy shoes
and dance away the memories
You were a learning curve

Third one :)

I am not your dancing bear
I will not perform on demand
I cry the tears of an angry generation
vodka shots add fuel to the fire
I want to change the world
light the fuse and watch it burn
but I am not enough
one person cannot take over the world
Stop sidelining me with your empty words

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