Monday, 26 September 2011

First day of lectures

Today I had my first proper day at Uni.

11am I had my Introduction to English lecture. It was pretty funny at the start as the lecturer asked if everyone here was from English and Creative writing, and if they weren't then they should leave, and loads of people stood up and walked out, then another lecturer came in and said he had the room down on his timetable, so Barry (my lecturer) told him to go away as this was his room. 

It was pretty interesting actually :). We're studying Shakespeare's The Tempest. Just learnt some background information about England about the explorations and colonisation's that were going on. Looked at a lot of maps from back then, when the maps consisted of europe, africa, asia and the antipodes.

Then had a break where I went to the coffee shop and read the Tempest, felt like a proper english student haha :) 

Then at 3pm I had my Early Modern Writing lecture. Studying Volpone (said Vol-Pony) by Ben Jonson, who was apparently Shakespeare's mate :)
Its set in Venice and is pretty much Jonson's take on the situation in london in the 16th century. It's pretty interesting aswell :)

Have to read the first act of Valpone by 10am tomorrow though, as that's when my first seminar for Early Modern Writing is.

So I'm going to make some dinner and chill for a bit, then get started on reading that.

All in all it was a fun day. It's nice to be using my brain again.

I shall bid thee adieu 

Saturday, 24 September 2011


haven't posted in a while, been so busy!

Peter came over on sunday and dyed my hair which was fun :), then James came on sunday evening and stopped the night which was pretty cool. Nice to see him :)

Tuesday night Ellie came over and we went to see Wheatus at LRV...that was a fun night, as we went with some people I met who live here too.

Then Wednesday me and Ellie and Jack went shopping so she could get her schoolgirl outfit for the night out. That was an awesome night too. Everyone all dressed in school uniform. St Liberties till the end!!!

Then Thursday and Friday I just spent chilling out recovering from the last two nights out.

Today went for lunch with Ellie and Charlotte, media girls reunited! We went to Taybarns, which is now my new favourite place. Anywhere I can have pizza, mashed potato, yorkshire puddings, chinese and cake all in the same meal is fine with me!

We came to mine after dinner and made cupcakes as we are awesome like that, and chatted about the good old days of college.

So, thats been my week. Action packed to say the least, but lots of fun :D

Bye :D

Monday, 19 September 2011

First day at Uni

Had my first "lecture" today, it was just a "here are the teaching staff, this is what we do, blah blah blah" kinda thing.

made a few friends though so thats pretty cool :)

also my timetable so far looks like I not in before 10am any day. Epic win :D

Then went to Hanley and did some shopping and got the cutest hat ever....

So, that was my day.

Tomorrow I have to go choose my modules. I'm hoping to do critical thinking and one about the british film industry (I can't remember the actual name of it and the booklet isn't within arms reach so can't be bothered to check :p)


Saturday, 17 September 2011


Hey guys :D

Today I get to go see Tash. This is exciting enough in itself, but there is also the added excitement of her having a new puppy :D. Stace and Tash have adopted him and he is being trained to help people with disabilities which is pretty cool

This is him, Meet Frank :D

He is adorable! and I get to play with him this afternoon :D.

In other news today is the start of the mass moving in weekend as freshers week starts tonight :D. Hoping I get some flatmates as I'm pretty lonely in this flat. I have one flatmate already, but she ignores me :(


Thursday, 15 September 2011

Ahoy hoy

Hiya :D

Well today has been a pretty chilled out day. Had a lie in and had my breakfast in bed whilst reading Trainspotting.

Made the nicest dinner ever though. Pasta with  roasted peppers, red onion and tomato sauce thing which I kind of just threw stuff in a saucepan and hoped for the best haha :)

Oh! Wheatus are playing at my student union on tuesday the 20th, so I got a ticket for that (£5 BAAAAARGIN!) & then got Ellie one too as she's gonna come and party with me. So that will be lots of fun :D

Also brought some new tshirts from which is this awesome site that sells all kinds of cool clothes. I got this Poddington Peas one:

also got this Round The Twist one:

 and this I <3 Geeks one:

Today has been a good day :D

Peace out

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Sometimes life is not the most fun place to be...

Sometimes the best people have to deal with the worst things. It isn't fair, but that's life I guess.

It'd just be nice that for once in a while the good people had some good things happen to them.


Yeah, so depressive pointless post, but it has been one of those days.

Time now for me to get into bed and snuggle up with Simba and get some kip.


Well today hasn't gone quite as I planned...

James got here at half 9ish, and we chilled for a bit, then he gets a phone call from his Dad telling him his Granddad has died. Quite a big shock as you can imagine. His Granddad and Grandma live in Ireland, so he is going with his parents later today to get the ferry over there for a few days.

However, he realised he didn't have his suit or any changes of clothes with him, so has now got to get the train back to nottingham to pick that stuff up and then get the train back here. Fun times!

R.I.P James's Granddad <3


"what the hell is creative writing?!"

Hey! :)

Yesterday was amusing, got on the train so i could meet Cassie for dinner in Stafford and there was a man singing sea shantys. I'm getting the feeling that train journeys to and from Stafford will always be slightly odd..

Cas hasn't changed a bit, first thing she asked me was "what is creative writing?" so I told her it's writing stories and whatnot so she said "OH! I thought it meant when you write and you put little flicks and stuff on your letters". Sometimes I feel stupid....then I talk to Cassie :P

So we had dinner and chatted and she amused me greatly as is always the case with Miss Cooper :).

Then I went and got the train back here and talked to James on FaceTime which cheered me up ^_^.

He is coming to see me today YAY! He is on the train here as I am typing this actually. We are going to explore today, maybe get the bus to Hanley :)

I'm pretty tired though as I woke up about 6am because I was excited to see him and haven't been able to get back to sleep because of this stupid cold :(


Tuesday, 13 September 2011

If your species will continue clap your hands

Had a nice early night last night, got all snuggled up in bed with my tissues and watched Ice Age 2 :) forgot how funny that film was. I have a whole lot of love for Sid.

Still feeling horrible though and my nose is bright red :(

Going to see Cassie tonight which should be fun, haven't seen her in ages :(. Then tomorrow James is coming to see me YAY!!! Can't wait to see him :D.

Not a great deal to say about my day today, as I have pretty much just spent it in bed reading and dozing.

Au revoir mon amis

Monday, 12 September 2011

Freshly baked Nan anyone?

This is a shop on the road I walk down to go to Uni. Made me laugh quite a lot so thought I would share the fun with you :)

In a bizzle homeslices

JaffaCakes are more addictive than crack...

...i have eaten like 200 of those damn tasty little sponge based, chocolate topped, orange jelly filled JaffaCakes.

Being ill sucks :(

Tea tastes wrong. Why is it that?! Why does life decide to not only make me feel like death, but then also takes away the pleasure I usually get from drinking a cup of tea? :(

I was meant to ring orange today to get them to give me a new phone as the one i have at the moment is about as useful as a chocolate fireguard. I can't ring them though as:

1. I have no signal in my room or anywhere in the complex, well not enough to ring anyone, can occasionally text...
2. I have got the most ridiculous voice thanks to this sore throat. I sound like some demented mouse.

So instead I have spent my day watching Jonathan Creek which cheered me up...I don't think I will ever get bored of Mr Creek.

One day I will live in a windmill.

Peace out homies

Wake up in the morning feeling like P.Diddy

...well...if P.Diddy wakes up and can't breathe through his nose, has a pounding headache and a throat that feels like I got my hair cut by Sweeny Todd...

Hello :)

Yesterday was all kinds of fun. First of all I got to see Peter. YAY! It was pretty cool, we just chilled and had some food before he had to go to work, which was fine by me as after only getting 5 hours sleep the night before I was pretty tired.

So, 5 o'clock came and Peter went to work and I wandered to the train station as I knew there was a train back to Stoke at 5:34. However when I got to the station, the train had been delayed until 6. I was pretty annoyed by this as I was tired and just wanted to come home and relax. So I went down onto the platform to wait for the train and I was just sitting quietly, minding my own business when 4 old ladies come over to me and start talking to me and trying to make me play the word association game, which was a little weird if I'm honest...

I eventually got home at about 7pm and bumped into the guys from the night before as I was coming into the complex. They invited me over to theirs for a drink as one of Adam's flatmates had moved in that day and his friend, also called Adam, was visiting for a few hours. They were playing guitar and found what looked like a kazoo, so started to have a bit of a 12 bar blues session. Then they remembered that I said I play bass, so said I should go get my Bass and come jam with them, so I did. It was pretty nice to be playing again to be honest.

I was hoping for an early night after having a late one the night before, but yet again it turned out to be a late one.

I'm off to drink warm squash and snuggle up in bed.

Toodle-oo x

Sunday, 11 September 2011

First night in Liberty Court


Well last night was all kinds of fun.

I met Ria at 9 to go walk to Ember Lounge but we got there and it was closed, so we did the natural student thing and went and brought a bottle of coke to drink with Ria's vodka. After we'd had a drink we decided to go for a wander round the complex to see if we could find anyone to make friends with.

Long story short, we made friends with a few people, Adam, Kirsty, Mike (who shall be known as James Blunt forever more because he has a slight resemblance to him), Sean (who is now known as Tinie Tempah for the same reasons as the James Blunt name), Matthew and Shortstuff (I can't actually remember his name as everyone referred to him as that and I'm not sure I actually heard his actual name)

So I basically stayed outside in the carpark with these lot until about 3am talking and getting to know each other.

This is what I thought University would be like, not the horrible snobby people who I encountered on my first try.

I'm very tired now though after that late night and my brain decided it would be all kinds of awesome to wake me up an hour before my alarm was meant to go off, but I suppose I am a student again, so I had better get used to less sleep than I have become accustomed to :(.

I'm off to make a cup of tea now before showering and heading to Stafford to see Peter.

In a bizzle

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Hello and welcome

Hello there :)

This is going to be a blog about my time at University. Thought It'd be fun to do, and I can look back on it after I graduate and see my progression :)

So, today I moved into my accommodation, I'm living at Liberty Court in Stoke-on-Trent. Its a pretty generic student accommodation place, the usual room that looks like every single other University bedroom that has ever been made. 

I currently have one flatmate, who even though they make an abnormal amount of noise, is for the most part invisible. Heard several obscenities being shouted, pots and pans crashing around, yet I go into the kitchen and there is no-one there. Perhaps I am living with a ghost?

Made a friend though which is pretty awesome, and am going out for a few drinks in a bit in one of the bars on the Uni campus. It'll be nice to go and see what it's like.

So, thats today, pretty tired now after all the packing and unpacking and food shopping, so looking forward to getting into bed later, even if it is a single :(

Tomorrow I'm going see Peter, looking forward to it as I haven't seen my gaybear in far far to long!