Sunday, 11 September 2011

First night in Liberty Court


Well last night was all kinds of fun.

I met Ria at 9 to go walk to Ember Lounge but we got there and it was closed, so we did the natural student thing and went and brought a bottle of coke to drink with Ria's vodka. After we'd had a drink we decided to go for a wander round the complex to see if we could find anyone to make friends with.

Long story short, we made friends with a few people, Adam, Kirsty, Mike (who shall be known as James Blunt forever more because he has a slight resemblance to him), Sean (who is now known as Tinie Tempah for the same reasons as the James Blunt name), Matthew and Shortstuff (I can't actually remember his name as everyone referred to him as that and I'm not sure I actually heard his actual name)

So I basically stayed outside in the carpark with these lot until about 3am talking and getting to know each other.

This is what I thought University would be like, not the horrible snobby people who I encountered on my first try.

I'm very tired now though after that late night and my brain decided it would be all kinds of awesome to wake me up an hour before my alarm was meant to go off, but I suppose I am a student again, so I had better get used to less sleep than I have become accustomed to :(.

I'm off to make a cup of tea now before showering and heading to Stafford to see Peter.

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  1. sounds amazing Abi, I'm glad the people are nicer!!! xxxx Amy