Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Haven't you ever heard of the green cross code?!

Well today was going okay, that is until I came out of my Early Modern Writing seminar, went to the zebra crossing to cross over to the library, looked both ways and there were no cars coming, so I started crossing, then BAM a car appears and clips my hip knocking me over, making me hit my head and hurt my wrist.

I always thought you were supposed to stop and wait for a pedestrian to cross before driving over the zebra crossing, clearly this driver doesn't believe in the green cross code...

So been to the doctors and had my wrist checked out, apparently its just a sprain and should be fine in a week or two which is good.

I am now going to take some pain killers, have a cup of tea and stay as far away from roads as is possible.
Tomorrow is Wednesday, my day off lectures, so I don't have to get up early YAY! However I do have to go find an evil fairy outfit for Devils Night on Thursday.

Over and out

Monday, 3 October 2011

say whaaaaat?!

Well today was rather amusing. Got up and ready for my 10am lecture, met Chloe and went into the lecture, looked around and realised everyone had calculators out...so we were like hmm, don't think this is our lecture and walked out.

Then we met Maria who told us that our lecture was at 11am not 10am, so me and Chloe were rather confused as we were sure it was at 10am...so after arguing that it was at 10am on my timetable, got my timetable out and it was down at 11am on there. Bit of a failure really

So, seeing as we had an hour to kill we decided to get a cup of tea, which was good :)

After all the hassle that happened before the lecture, then the actual lecture was a bit of a let down.

Now i'm sat in the library reading Volpone in preparation for my lecture at 3


Saturday, 1 October 2011

*insert witty title here*

So, I haven't been up to anything particularly exciting over the last few days, pretty much been reading Shakespeare and Jonson.

Oh, did go out on thursday night to an open mic night with Staffordshire Rock, Alternative, Metal Society (yes that's right, I am now a member of a society, I feel so studenty :D) Saw a band called No Redemption who have a lead singer with an amazing voice!

check them out here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sL83P9peVWI

What is up with the weather?! Its like 27 degrees and it's the first of October! I look forward to autumn because it means the bear hat and duffle coat combo can once again be rocked, but now the weather has decided I have to wear shorts and tshirts. I am not a happy bunny!