Monday, 3 October 2011

say whaaaaat?!

Well today was rather amusing. Got up and ready for my 10am lecture, met Chloe and went into the lecture, looked around and realised everyone had calculators we were like hmm, don't think this is our lecture and walked out.

Then we met Maria who told us that our lecture was at 11am not 10am, so me and Chloe were rather confused as we were sure it was at after arguing that it was at 10am on my timetable, got my timetable out and it was down at 11am on there. Bit of a failure really

So, seeing as we had an hour to kill we decided to get a cup of tea, which was good :)

After all the hassle that happened before the lecture, then the actual lecture was a bit of a let down.

Now i'm sat in the library reading Volpone in preparation for my lecture at 3


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