Wednesday, 14 September 2011

"what the hell is creative writing?!"

Hey! :)

Yesterday was amusing, got on the train so i could meet Cassie for dinner in Stafford and there was a man singing sea shantys. I'm getting the feeling that train journeys to and from Stafford will always be slightly odd..

Cas hasn't changed a bit, first thing she asked me was "what is creative writing?" so I told her it's writing stories and whatnot so she said "OH! I thought it meant when you write and you put little flicks and stuff on your letters". Sometimes I feel stupid....then I talk to Cassie :P

So we had dinner and chatted and she amused me greatly as is always the case with Miss Cooper :).

Then I went and got the train back here and talked to James on FaceTime which cheered me up ^_^.

He is coming to see me today YAY! He is on the train here as I am typing this actually. We are going to explore today, maybe get the bus to Hanley :)

I'm pretty tired though as I woke up about 6am because I was excited to see him and haven't been able to get back to sleep because of this stupid cold :(


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