Monday, 12 September 2011

Wake up in the morning feeling like P.Diddy

...well...if P.Diddy wakes up and can't breathe through his nose, has a pounding headache and a throat that feels like I got my hair cut by Sweeny Todd...

Hello :)

Yesterday was all kinds of fun. First of all I got to see Peter. YAY! It was pretty cool, we just chilled and had some food before he had to go to work, which was fine by me as after only getting 5 hours sleep the night before I was pretty tired.

So, 5 o'clock came and Peter went to work and I wandered to the train station as I knew there was a train back to Stoke at 5:34. However when I got to the station, the train had been delayed until 6. I was pretty annoyed by this as I was tired and just wanted to come home and relax. So I went down onto the platform to wait for the train and I was just sitting quietly, minding my own business when 4 old ladies come over to me and start talking to me and trying to make me play the word association game, which was a little weird if I'm honest...

I eventually got home at about 7pm and bumped into the guys from the night before as I was coming into the complex. They invited me over to theirs for a drink as one of Adam's flatmates had moved in that day and his friend, also called Adam, was visiting for a few hours. They were playing guitar and found what looked like a kazoo, so started to have a bit of a 12 bar blues session. Then they remembered that I said I play bass, so said I should go get my Bass and come jam with them, so I did. It was pretty nice to be playing again to be honest.

I was hoping for an early night after having a late one the night before, but yet again it turned out to be a late one.

I'm off to drink warm squash and snuggle up in bed.

Toodle-oo x

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