Saturday, 24 September 2011


haven't posted in a while, been so busy!

Peter came over on sunday and dyed my hair which was fun :), then James came on sunday evening and stopped the night which was pretty cool. Nice to see him :)

Tuesday night Ellie came over and we went to see Wheatus at LRV...that was a fun night, as we went with some people I met who live here too.

Then Wednesday me and Ellie and Jack went shopping so she could get her schoolgirl outfit for the night out. That was an awesome night too. Everyone all dressed in school uniform. St Liberties till the end!!!

Then Thursday and Friday I just spent chilling out recovering from the last two nights out.

Today went for lunch with Ellie and Charlotte, media girls reunited! We went to Taybarns, which is now my new favourite place. Anywhere I can have pizza, mashed potato, yorkshire puddings, chinese and cake all in the same meal is fine with me!

We came to mine after dinner and made cupcakes as we are awesome like that, and chatted about the good old days of college.

So, thats been my week. Action packed to say the least, but lots of fun :D

Bye :D

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