Monday, 26 September 2011

First day of lectures

Today I had my first proper day at Uni.

11am I had my Introduction to English lecture. It was pretty funny at the start as the lecturer asked if everyone here was from English and Creative writing, and if they weren't then they should leave, and loads of people stood up and walked out, then another lecturer came in and said he had the room down on his timetable, so Barry (my lecturer) told him to go away as this was his room. 

It was pretty interesting actually :). We're studying Shakespeare's The Tempest. Just learnt some background information about England about the explorations and colonisation's that were going on. Looked at a lot of maps from back then, when the maps consisted of europe, africa, asia and the antipodes.

Then had a break where I went to the coffee shop and read the Tempest, felt like a proper english student haha :) 

Then at 3pm I had my Early Modern Writing lecture. Studying Volpone (said Vol-Pony) by Ben Jonson, who was apparently Shakespeare's mate :)
Its set in Venice and is pretty much Jonson's take on the situation in london in the 16th century. It's pretty interesting aswell :)

Have to read the first act of Valpone by 10am tomorrow though, as that's when my first seminar for Early Modern Writing is.

So I'm going to make some dinner and chill for a bit, then get started on reading that.

All in all it was a fun day. It's nice to be using my brain again.

I shall bid thee adieu 

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