Thursday, 15 September 2011

Ahoy hoy

Hiya :D

Well today has been a pretty chilled out day. Had a lie in and had my breakfast in bed whilst reading Trainspotting.

Made the nicest dinner ever though. Pasta with  roasted peppers, red onion and tomato sauce thing which I kind of just threw stuff in a saucepan and hoped for the best haha :)

Oh! Wheatus are playing at my student union on tuesday the 20th, so I got a ticket for that (£5 BAAAAARGIN!) & then got Ellie one too as she's gonna come and party with me. So that will be lots of fun :D

Also brought some new tshirts from which is this awesome site that sells all kinds of cool clothes. I got this Poddington Peas one:

also got this Round The Twist one:

 and this I <3 Geeks one:

Today has been a good day :D

Peace out

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