Monday, 28 November 2011

The Missing Present

So it is nearly christmas, and I decided that for my Niece Isobelle's gift I would write her a story & make it into a book. :)

Here it is :)

It was a cold and windy Christmas eve night, and the snow was filling the windows, as Santa's elves worked hard wrapping Christmas presents for all the children.

Twinkle was in charge of ticking off the presents on the list, when he saw that one gift was missing!

“Oh no!” cried Twinkle, “One of the children’s gifts isn’t on the pile! Whatever shall we do?” 

The elves rushed around in a panic trying to find the missing child’s gift, but it was nowhere to be seen.

All of the Elves gathered round Twinkle, and tried to work out how to help.

One thought they would have time to make a new toy if they all worked together. One thought they could use a left over present from last year.

Twinkle sighed and slumped down onto his chair. “Santa is going to be so upset! We don’t have time to make a new toy, but we can’t leave a child without a present on Christmas morning." 

The Elves decided that even if Twinkle said there wasn’t time to make a new gift, then they should at least try. They thought a teddy bear would be the best toy to make and split up into little groups.

One started making the head, one making the body, one making the arms and legs and one making the clothes the bear would wear.

They worked hard and eventually the bear was finished. “hurrah” they cried “lets go show Twinkle what we have done!

They carried the bear into the next room where Twinkle was sitting drinking hot chocolate. “Twinkle, look! We made a new present, now the child will have a present to open on Christmas morning!”

“Oh! That’s wonderful, you are such lovely, helpful Elves!” said Twinkle excitedly. “Quick, we don’t have much time till Santa leaves, we need to get it wrapped up and on the sleigh!” 

So the Elves hurried off with the bear and get it all wrapped up and onto the sleigh, while Twinkle went to tell Santa all about them making a new bear.
Just as the Elves are putting the bear onto the sleigh, out comes Santa with Twinkle.

“Well I hear that you have all been good little Elves tonight, Twinkle has told me all about how you have helped save a child from waking up on Christmas morning without a present. “

“I have something to show you all though,” he continued. And with that, Santa lent into his sleigh and pulled out a gift, which had been hidden at the bottom of his sack.

Twinkle gasped, and shouted “But...That’s the missing present! Wherever did you find it Santa?”

With a jolly look on his face Santa replied, “It was here all along Twinkle. But this way you all learned the value of hard work, and of coming together. And in the end, coming together to make a child happy is what Christmas is all about.”

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